Reliable Vegetable seed supplier in bangalore

Dear Friends

I am starting with Vegetable farming in ZBNF(Zero budget Nature farming) Method. Idea is to grow different type of vegetables at same time. I am struggling to get reliable supplier for seeds for Roots(Carrot, Beet root, Radish, Onion). Guards (Bitter guard, Bottle Guard, Ridge Guard). Leafy vegetables (Coriander, Methi, Mint)

Request your advice for 1) Seed variety name for these vegetables 2) Place to get these near Bangalore. Thanks for your help.


My name is Girish and I am from Ratnagiri.
There is ZBNF farmer Anil Gavli from Solapuar Maharashtra who has good quality seeds.
I buy regularly from him.
His nos are 097677 67499 / and 98341 20095


Hi Girish Sir

Thanks a lot for the information. I will contact him.


Hi Saimn,
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