Registration for Selling Vermicompost

I am unable to find the details regarding seeling Vermicompost. Do a farmer need registration to sell this as product? I want to sell this as packed product in local and other markets.

Can anyone help me by providing details regarding the needed registration and any other things which is required by govt?


Yes. You need to register atleat a proprietorship, you have to register for sales tax(even though it is exempted, registration is manadatory). A tradekmark registartion etc.

If you are selling it in loads(not packaged) you dont need anything above. In my opinion ask the buyer to visit your place so that he can see, it is not pilferaged with black soil.
One of the farmer nearby to me is doing like this.

forgot to add a point: you need to file IT  returns(NIL returns as this is agri product) for this you need an auditor(if the anual turnover crosses 60lacs you need a CA)

Sir, Please elaborate if Income Tax on profits by selling Vermi compost is exempted. If yes, kindly give Finance Ministry notification
details. I have also heard that GOI has exempted it as it helps them to save on subsidies spent on Chemical Fertilizers. However. I have not been able to confirm the same.

KS Raj

Thanks a Lot, i have done all the registration you mentioned. I still have a doubt that do we need the registration or lisc. or something from government or any other agency for packaging and selling the vermicompost? can you suggest?