Regarding starting of broiler farming - Contract farming


I am from Andhrapradesh. We have 1 acre land at my village with good transportation system, good water. I would like to start the broiler farming using contract farming like from suguna. So I would like to know some basic understanding on the requirements and revenue margin.

  1. How many broilers birds can plan for one acre ?
  2. How much capital required to start the production?
  3. How much of margin we get per bird / per kg?

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Hope Suguna is the right party to answer your queries.
Please go thru www . sugunafoods. co . in /Farmers/Broiler section.
for enquiry: www . sugunafoods. co . in /enquiry_form.asp

Note: I am neither concerned with this company nor having experience in boiler farming.

and for poultry knowledge base please refer the following resourceful link from our Farmnest group. … resources/

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