Regarding Grapes Profit

    I am from bijapur Karnataka where grapes is grown in thousands of hectare , recently I enquired people who have grown grapes about the profit , to my surprise the profit per acre ranges from 4 to 10 lakh. Please let me know whether its really achievable or its hype created by the people.


Dear Sri Viswa, Agriculture income is uncertain and depends on time of harvest , rate prevailing on that time, agents character and so many other factors.

As regards income of grapes, Dilkush and Anabsahi, seeded grape varieties yields will be twice an year in and around Bengaluru rural, Kolar, Chikballapur districts and one yield will be around 20 to 35 tonnes and other will be around 5 to 10 tonnes, ie; a total of 30 to 40 tonnes per year.

Market rates will be around Rs 5, 10,20 …even up to rs 60/- per kg.

In the above said areas, seedless grapes gives almost 10 to 12 tonnes and prices will be in the range of rs 20/- to rs 80/-.

The profitsin the hands of farmers will be after so many natural and/or middle men hurdles.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Thank you very much Rao sir. I am planning for 5 acre grapes cultivation ,please let me know whether its a wise decision to invest in grapes. Currently i am working as a software engineer in bangalore , planning to settle in hometown in coming 2-3 years.

Waiting for your advice.


I have no experience of growing grapes.

Please do a market research yourself. Since you live in Bangalore visit local wholesale market where you will get first hand information about rates. You may also want to think of starting small. That way you will not be keeping all eggs in same basket.

All the best.


Grape requires intensive care and labour. Do you have enough labours?

    There is no problem with the labour as my field is next to village , right now i am just checking the feasibility of grapes growing and the problems associated with it. I have done market research also , recently i have checked in bangalore fruits market about the market value of grapes.

The rate vary from 30 to 50 rupess per kg depend on the grapes arrival to the market .The average yield is 8 ton per acre  so in that case the net profit will be more than 2 lakh. Please let me if anyone has grape growing experience so that it will be very much useful for me.

Thanks and Regards,