Regarding fertilizer that kills all kinds of pest

Hi all,
My father is into farming and he has recently invented a new kind of organic fertilizer that kills all kinds of pests in all crops. He has experimented in quite a lot of farmlands and crop cultivation with 100% success results, with zero use of pesticides or any chemicals. He wants to publish this work or apply for some patent to make this new technique a standard which is available for free to all farmers across the world and India. Could you please suggest a way to go about it?

Dear Sri Arinpaul,

We congratulate your father for his inventions and hope/welcome them to reach our farming community.

Any one can apply for patent rights in India. For getting patent rights in India, first you have to contact and have a service of an Advocate, dealing in patents in India. Approximately a sum of rs 20,000/to rs 30,000/ (approximately), is required. After the receipts of the patent rights, it will be in force for a period of 20 years and it is valid only in India.

You have to apply and obtain patent rights for each and every country and it will be in force, only in those countries.

It is an open fact, that patent rights in India, mainly in Agriculture field are not effective and Netheraland companies have taken so many patents, on so many floriculture varieties. They are in force in other countries, but not in India.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Sir, by any chance, is your dad still producing and selling/distributing to farmers, what are the ways to get some to try in our farm