Regarding farming business for my parents

Hello Everyone,

I am a BE graduate and I am working in a private company in Bengaluru. My Dad owns a provision store business in a rented building. The building owner is willing to demolish that building eventually my dad will lose his business in a short time.

We do not have enough capital to put up a shop in any of the nearby Cities so is there any possibility that we can grow crops, vegetables in the backyard and any genuine market is available so that they can buy it from us in a good margin? If yes please let me know the terms and conditions.

Since we do not have much land to grow crops we are doing it in the backyard and our supply will be less initially but after some time it will increase gradually. Also, my Mother prepares good masala products including dry powders, papad, and pickles as well. So we need a marketplace to sell them so if you could help me with my request I will be grateful and soon I would like to take part in farming in full fledge. So need your valuable suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,

Yours faithfully,
Prajwal V Shettigar

To be honest, the backyard based farm business sounds very risky. I doubt you will have large volumes or margins.
The second part on food products, in my opinion is small and the products will have to be marketed to local buyers as home made foods.