Regarding coconut tree pre mature fall of fruits

hi everybody ,
need your opinion .i have a coconut tree surrounding my farm house, all three plant are not very tall and face a problem small fruit fall off and didnt grow to mature fruit…tiny fruit fall off after few days…i m in maharashtra so please suggest what can be the problem and reply soon thanks and regards

i would share picture latter but if anyone understands or recall this problem please suggest

The reason may be shortfall of water and manure due to heavy temperature in MH. Which part of MH your farm is located?

I have had the same problems, and at the end i just found out that this was because of lack of water and a really high temperature, now it’s much better, i used to take care of my farm as well as i can. At the moment i just realized that i have some other problems related to my farm, and this happened due to the fact that i have got sick and i had to spend lot of time taking care about my health, and spending a lot of time searching something for my depression. I think soon I’m going to start taking care as it is supposed to be. I know my garden needs me!

We had this problem and overcame it by spreading 250 gms of Zinc Sulphate, around a ditch, 5 feet away from the base of the tree, 1 ft by 4 inches deep. Do not dig further as you will be damaging the roots too much.
Next for deformed nuts do the same thing with Borax 100 mg added to the above mixture.
These treatments are to be regularly 4 months apart.
Water the area, copiously for 3 days.
Antony Raj

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I had similar problem I was advised Mop and boron treatment. Well I haven’t been able to get them in my area.