Red Lady Papaya - Seed questions

Have few questions

  1. Is the cost for 10g of Papaya 786 seeds is quoted at Rs 2750/-, does this seem to be right.
  2. How many seeds would one get for 10g
  3. What are the other sources for Papaya Seed other than KnownYouSeed
  4. Can we source these seeds from international market (USA or China for example)

Dear Sri Khushizone,

  1. Correct. 10 GMs seeds of known you seed co , 786 variety(red lady papaya) is rs 2,750/_.( approx).

  2. Around 650 seeds will be in 10 GMs packet.

  3. A. Arka Prabhat of IIHR, hesargatta, Bengaluru. Good sweet variety without virus affect.high yielding like 786 ,but size of fruit is small, only 1 to 1.25 KGS.
        B. Iceberry of Australian co, Ecowell, contact pH 09763190543. New company of Australia, sweet more than 786 ( 15 to 16 bricks ), high yielding like 786 with good market acceptance.
        C. Royal Red, a variety of east west seeds, just like 786, with market acceptance.

  4. I don’t have Idea.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sri G.P.Rao,

Thanks for your inputs on the 3rd point w.r.t. alternatives for 786. Probably for my next adventure, I’ll go with Arka Prabhat. :slight_smile:

Kushizone: In my practical experience with 786, I had trouble selling big size fruits of 786 (many fruits were weighing about 2.5Kg). The buyers were preferring small size fruits stating that the end customers wanting to buy small size fruits as they think they can consume the whole fruit at once after cutting. If the fruit is big they need to pack the left-over portion which many people seem to be not liking to do.