Red lady papaya plant showing signs of leaf curl & distortion

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Few of my papaya plants showing leaf curl symptoms(curling of new leafs downwards, dark veins). Few plants leaves have bright spots. I am not sure if this is powdery mildew Or leaf blight. Pleas help to identify this disease.

Attached photos of plants with disease. I have observed white fly around plantation on parthenium weeds. I had these removed. There are no pests visible on plant as such.

Request you to suggest pesticide to tackle this issue. I read Dimethoate (0.05%) or Metasystox (0.02%) or Nuvacron (0.05% ) foilar spray for white fly.
Dithane M-45 (0.2%) for leaf blight(assuming it is leaf blight). Please suggest. Thank you.

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[color=red][color=black][color=red][font=verdana]As seen from the IMAGES, it may not be a Pest or Fungus disease, As observed we feel that it should be .
viral disease in papaya.
*This disease transfer through pest white flies. To control this disease spray the crop with dimethoate 20ml or methyl dematon 15ml mixed in 10 liters of water.Take 2-3 sprays at the interval of 8 days. Add stickers like surf or any washing powder while spraying.You might have done this.
In the Field or at the plants there should not be  water to stagnation. In this season because of cloudy weather this disease spreads as soon as disease occurs take spraying.

  • Avoid growing tomato, tobacco, zinnia creepers in the field

  • Provide sufficient potassium to the crop through water soluble potassium  FolierSpraying.  to get resistance power to the  plants.

  • By this Time you might have done all the above Operations[/color].

[color=green]* Now we are suggesting you to effective Method of Controlling Virus in the Papaya Field. Get Fresh DESI-COW urine and arrange 15 to 20 Concentration depending upon the intensity at weekly intervals until it controls. After the Sray at 15-20 Days  intervel until corp period. Actually there is no Chemical for controlling Virus.

  • Best Remedy for Virus is only to get resistance power to the Plants. In Cow urine 1000s crores of useful Bacteria contains in Cow Urine. The white Fly spreads the virus from affected pants to Healthy plants. Hence try with cow urine while Controlling white flies with Monocrotophos Plus Dimetihoate @ 2 / PPM
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