Red lady papaya fertilization schedule for flood irrigation

Dear Gurus

I am going for planting taiwan red lady 768 variety papaya saplings in 11/2 acre land. I do not have drip & will be follow flood irrigation.

Most of forum discussion has fertigation schedule with drip. Request you to provide fertilizer schedule for manual application. I am not getting this information anywhere. Please provide split to be used at various stages of plant growth.

I am still awaiting soil test report. But request you to provide standard fertilizer schedule. Mine is red loomy soil(Maralu misra in kannada). Will amend later as per report. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

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here are a few links u could go through
Tffuxid6o0.pdf (130 KB)

Not sure the reason why you wish to go for flood irrigation, if you are planning to plant for 1.5 acres, you can actually do the basic drip irrigation by yourself. It also saves you lot of water and saves your plants from root rot. Papaya is susceptible to root rot.

I am still waiting for my Govt Drip Irrigation, I have created my own drip irrigation dripping for almost 300 plants and micro sprinklers 1000 sq feet of pandal for vegetables.

Let me know if you need any help

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Dear Sir

Thanks for your response. Currently i do not have Borewell. But there is a channel running along my land from where i can draw water. I plan to build farm pond to store water from channel & from there drip irrigate. Till that time had to depend on flood irrigation.

Agree with you regarding root rot. It will be of great help, if you can share how you set up your own drip system. Please let me know your number to call. Thank you.

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Hi Friends

Reg. procuring seedlings of taiwan red lady papaya enquired few nurseries. They are quoting Rs.16-18 per sapling which are grown in trays. For similar saplings grown in 6 inch poly bag cost is Rs.25 per sapling. Seems to be on higher side as both options does not include transport to site.

Also nurseries are saying that sapling grown in poly bag has almost zero mortality as root system has propagated in to the soil. Where as sapling in tray grown in cocopete do not bind well with soil when planted. Thus has more mortality. I am going with sapling in tray with 10% more qty to account for mortalities.

Can you please suggest if these prices are reasonable? Thank you.

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Dear Sri Sai,

If you have purchased the seeds already, discussion may not be necessary.

If not yet purchased, I suggest you to contact Known you seed company, karnataka state branch existing in Tumkur. First thing genuine seedlings will be available with them and pricing is company decided, and may be reasonable. Pl contact, company official sri Venu, on phone number 09663371742 , and on request you can get the details.

As far as pricing is concerned, seeds cost will be around rs 5/- per seed, rs 2/- may be for germination loss ( germination loss will not be more than this if a fresh company seed is proccured) and rs1/- may be for producing one seedling in trays and naturally the nursery owners expect 1 or 2 rupees profit. All put together the reasonable cost will be around rs 10/- or rs 11/-, little more. Beyond, will be for opportunity.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao      ,    farmer

Thank you G.P.Rao Sir. I did not contact them, as my farm is 150 kms from their office. I will check with Known-you seeds directly. If i get at Rs.13/- it will still workout & can be sure of quality. Thanks for your advice.

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Hi All

I have planted red lady papaya saplings in one acre 2 weeks back. Currently doing flood irrigation twice a week.

Request help from forum experts on fertilizer management.
Known you seeds red lady papaya manual has NPK requirement in KG for 0-6months & 6-12 months( to be given in 3 installments). Calculated qty of Urea, DAP & MOP to cover NPK qty. Attached fig. with calculations. I plan to make ring around plant to put these fertilizers as per schedule.

Request expert review & suggest if there is any mistake. Also suggestion to manage proper fertilizer intake in flood irrigation.

If drip irrigation was there…would i have needed only fraction of these fertilizer quantities? Please let me know. Thank you.

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Dear friends

Request your guidance. Please respond. Thank you.

Wishing you & your families happy Deepavali.

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Dear Friends

Need to start fertilizer application soon. Please let us know your inputs. Thank you.

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Hi  Smain,
Pl go for zero budget natural farming(ZBNF) this will save you alot of money on ferts and pesticide plus your product will be organically produced so it will fetch you higher price  too. :slight_smile:

Dear Bapu,

May I know , how many acres of papaya are doing in ZBNF?

Can you please share your farm results.

I heard red lady Papaya in ZBNF could be quiet risky, considering the input costs of seed to plantationar so high and it may not even fit into the zbnf criteria.

would be wonderful to learn from practicing farmers.

Hi Babu

Thanks for your response. My soil is redloomy with low organic matter. Red lady being hybrid might not work out with ZBNF. I would try ZBNF in small piece of land for only local variety in future.

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Dear Mr Sai,

Plant nutrition is very important. Weak papaya plants are susceptible to Virus and mealy bugs. To begin with apply 20 gm of Basacote 6M slow release fertilizer near the root zone. This will take care of most of the nutrients for 6 months.plant roots will suck nutrients as per it requirements from Basacote granules.
        Once in 15 days in the initial phase micronutrients spray @ 1% will help in tackling micro nutrient deficiency. Just before flowering start giving potassium preferably liquid potassium.
Please send me your email id I can send you fertigation schedule .

Rajendra kumar
93412 60980

Dear Friends

Few of my papaya plants showing leaf curl symptoms(curling of new leafs downwards, dark veins). Few plants leaves have bright spots. I am not sure if this is powdery mildew Or leaf blight. Pleas help to identify this disease.

Attached photos of plants with disease. I have observed white fly around plantation on parthenium weeds. I had these removed. There are no pests visible on plant as such.

Request you to suggest pesticide to tackle this issue. I read Dimethoate (0.05%) or Metasystox (0.02%) or Nuvacron (0.05% ) foilar spray for white fly.
Dithane M-45 (0.2%) for leaf blight(assuming it is leaf blight). Please suggest. Thank you.

Best Regards

Thank you Sir,
You might have made the Efforts in Spraying of Fungicides. Though the Spraying  are necessary  to avoid further worsen to control whit flys  and Fungus

  > Papaya leaf curl might be  Virus as seen from the IMAGES.

Virus is a common in Papaya Crop. But there is no chemical Remedy for controlling virus except keeping the plant Health for  improving the
    resist-ency    Power. Only thing is that a proper care be taken for healthy Growth of plants and  Virus  will attack when the Plants are weak
      like Human being.
When found  Leaf Curling,  we should presume that viral disease was occurred.

Viral  disease transforms  through white flies. Yellow sticky Fermone Traps be installed near the Plants. To control this white fly pest Spraying
    Operation with Monocrotophose PLUS  dimethoate 20 ml or Dimethioate (Rogor) 20 ml mixed in 10 liters of water.Take 2-3 sprays at
    weekly  interval . Add sticker gum to the Spraying Liquid while spraying.

  Important thing is that Water Stagnation at the Plants as well as in the field because in the  cloudy weather this disease spreads fast.

Avoid Growing of Vegetables like Tomato ,Brinjal,Creeper Vegetables.

Apply sufficient  potassium in the Soil as well as Spraying to get Resist-ency as per the Soil Testing Results.

[color=green][font=verdana]The Main thing is the since seed,seedling, Panchagavya of  Desi Cow Urine should be applied. Now what you
    have to do is that IMMEDIATELY S
    pray Desi Cow Fresh Urine of 20% until it controls at Weekly intervals. After that spray 15% or 20 for entire crop Duration bi-weekly. We have
    succeeded in several of our Clients Farms with Cow Urine and controlling of  white Flies through Fermone Traps, Plantation of Marigold etc.
    If you going for this Operation you can save the Remaining Plants.It is better to Destroy  the  Damaged Plantsby Burning them with Rice
  Straw  or any other Burning material.

Kindly Post  the IMAGES at 15 Days intervel  while Mailing to me.[/font][/color]

for Vasudha Green Farms,,

Manne Sir

Sorry for delayed response. Thanks for your advice.

Best Regards

Thank you Sir,

How is the Crop NOW
for Vasudha Green Farms, [nofollow],

Manne Sir

I have not applied pesticides yet. My neighboring lands house silkworms which are in final few days of maturity. They are objecting for spray of pesticides in my farm, as it might be carried by wind & impact silkworms.

Now it is clear that leaf curling is due to spiders.I have inspected most of the plants with leaf curl & could find spider web underneath. Thankfully your suggestion of spraying cow urine will not impact any others(silkworms). Has given one spray & going to continue at weekly interval. I have seen effectiveness of cow urine for my balcony plant. Hopefully this will work out. Also thinking of applying Agni astra(boiled chillies,Garlic,neem oil, turmeric extract). This was very effective for Aphids. Tried it on balcony plants. It almost burnt leaves & killed Aphids. Will try at lower concentrations :slight_smile: 

Best Regards