Realistic lease rates for farm land with dairy and sheep

Hello Sir,
I need help from our forum members as i am confused about the rates for leasing out my farm
i would like to know what should be the lease rates yearly for my farm 95 km from Bangalore including following assets.
1, 7.5 acre of fodder, developed green grass CO3, CO4, COFS29, Rhodes, Guinea grass, Jowar, maize
2, 5 acre banana plantation, 4 months plants
3, 27 Acre cultivating land red soil, with gravel,
4. Fully developed shed for 100 milking cows
5. 5 numbers Labor quarters.
6, 40 KG/Daily azola growing facility,
7, 150 sheeps along with housing facility,
8, 8 lakh Liters overhead water tank,
9, 40 tones silage in stock with (40TonesX4 numbers silo)
10, 4 bore wells(2 to 3 inch Water)
11, 27 milking cows, 12 Calf’s
12, 1 575 mahindra tractor with all implements and 2 chaff cutters
if any of you kindly advice me about some legal points like lease period, some terms and conditions it would be much appreciated
Thanking you in advance
Best regards
Ibrahim Khan
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