Re-Bore vs New Bore

Hi All,

I have a Borewell digged last year(April’14) and now the water yield is very low.

Borewell details,

Total Depth - 620 ft
Why stopped at 620 ft - During digging it gave 2.5 inch of water so we feel it is enough
First Water table at - 180ft
Second Water table - No
Motor Fixed - 7.5hp
Stage - 15
Motor Fixed at depth - 400ft
Pipe fixed - 2 inch
Currently running for - 0.5 to 1 hr
Total acre to cover - 3 acre

Local people are telling that low water yield is because of we hit only first water table and it required minimum 2 water table.

Could you please suggest me whether to go for re-Bore till finding 2nd water table or New Bore or fix the motor at 500 ft?

Note: After digging (last Year) now only we are started using this Borewell.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Dhana Sir, Since the first and only one gap got in your borewell, while digging, you have given a suction pipeline of 400 ft, which i feel is very much correct.

Since there is no gap after 180 ft, ( only 1 gap at 180 Ft), there is no meaning to leave upto either 620 ft and/or, digging the same bore well to a further depth.Pl put either one more bore well and/or test the same bore well for another gap.

Let the bore well be tested by a good  bore well checker and point may be fixed at the same place or another place, and it may be dug.

All the best,  g.p.rao,  …farmer

Hello g.p.rao Sir,

Any suggestions like which is best? New Borewell or re-Bore?


Dear Dhana Sir, I advise you to pl go for checking first. Either with a geologist and/or with traditional checker, which ever you feel good. Then if the point is at your old borewell, dig rebore. If the point is at new place, dig a new borewell.

Whether it is a rebore or new bore, we need good water. Have 50% confidence/hope only on bore well checking point.

all the best sir,  g.p.rao, farmer.

Dhana, please go for a new bore well if you have another good watersource borewell point.  Cost wise, you can get the new bore done with half the value of money used for digging beyond 620ft.

Reboring prices are exhorbitant.

Why don’t you try recharging your existing borewell.

Dear Sir,
I have a borewell digged last year now the water yield is very low.
Borewell details.
Total Depth - 112 ft due to rock so that operator stoped.
Motor fixed :5 HP
Stage : 6
Motor fixed depth : 108
Currently running 3 hrs after that no water.
Note: Any possibility is there for digging bore well in same bore.
Pls suggest me because we have checked ground water in my land only one point only available so pls advise to me.
Note: Pls share your contact details for communication purpose.
Suresh S