Raw cow milk to packed milk

Hello Everyone!!!

Its known truth that the farmers are not get the actual or atleats 50% of the product cost. For example People used to buy coconut each for rs 5 to 7 max from the farmers and at the same time if u buy the same in the shop it would cost you around rs 20 to 25.

Similarly the Cows Milk. Farmer used to sell the milk for rs 18 or 20 to 25 rs max and people in the cities like in chennai used to buy the same packed aavin milk for rs 40 to 50 rs (Half litter aavin milk Blue 20 rs, Green 22 rs and Red 24 rs). 

So I just want to know the Process and the cost involved in converting the Raw milk to packed milk.

Main reason for this topic is, Middle class Farmer or Group of Low end farmers can join together and get benefit out of it.

We need the answer for the below:

  1. What are the process involved in converting Raw milk to Packed milk (Pasteurization is the process but need to know is there any other process as well)?
  2. What are the machinery required? (From raw milk to Packing)
  3. How much is the cost of each Machinery?
  4. Where to get those machinaries?
  5. Of course we need to get some approvals. What are those and how can we get that?
  6. Is there ary subsidies available?

Could you please provide the above process/cost for minimum quantity like 500 to 1000 ltr’s of milk.