Rats eating tender coconut sapling roots


I had planted coconut saplings  06months back  and all plants were growing healthy but now rats have stared eating roots (I believe its sweet)
almost 25% of  plants have been destroyed

any Solutions to keep away rats ?

Suggestions and Guidance will be of really help


Dear Mr Asif,

Diffarent methods of controlling Rats.

General methods are , trapping with wooden traps and/or sticky traps,and killing or poisoning and killing. These are good if you do organic way of farming. You can add 1kilo oiled neem cake per plant, plus 1/2 kilo oiled jetropha cake per plant and 1 kilo small cut pieces of Kathali stems( stems of boundry plants, a variety of succulants ) and mix them in the soil under the plant.
To trap, on day1, keep some dry fish, dry prawns, brinjals ,some cooked bajji/Pakoda etc , and  repeat same on 2nd day and on 3rd day, keep the same in traps so that they will be caught and they can be killed. Sticky traps are also available and on 3rd day they can be provided all around the sticky traps and can be stick and killed.

if you want to trap and poison, do the same as said for 1st and 2nd day, and on 3rd day, add rat poison. As usual they will come eat and die.

If you are doing farming in Inorganic way, keep mix Thimmet grannuels, or Carbofuran grannuels or feed Monochrotophos 5% diluted to the root system etc along with trap systems also.

It is a point to be noted, as said by Govt Horti/Agri authorities, All the farmers in and around the village do combinedly, results will be very good.

with best wishes,        g.p.rao,    farmer