Quinoa Cultivation

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While doing research on what crops to be grown, I bumped into Quinoa (pronounced as keen-wah) a nutritious crop with a good yield and value in market. Has anybody here tried this crop? Any feedback on this crop for new growers like me?


I saw an official (Agri or Horti department) talking about Quinoa cultivation on trial basis in Ananthapur district of AP, some time back on a local news channel, I will try getting his contact details for you soon.


Here is the contact number of a Quinoa Farmer based in Andhra Pradesh. Shankar Reddy - 9440432418

Thank you enkreddy

Unfortunately I do not speak Telugu and we had a language gap. I will ask one of my friend to help translate later in the evening. Also to mention Mr. Shankar Reddy was nice enough to give me his friend’s number for communication (no answer on that number) so will try and reach out to him to understand things better.

[size=140][font=trebuchet ms]Hi all, its nice to hear about Quinoa at FARMNEST forum. 

We, along with Dr. Vinod Goud, working on this SUPERGRAIN.

Yes, its a new age crop brought from old age. In 2011 itself we are able to brought handful of seeds from Peru via USA.  Then, we got some good quantity of seeds.  We tried it in Sadashivpet and Zaheerabad in 2012 itself. We failed in our efforts in all means. But we never disappointed. With added energy, we put more efforts to continue the trails.  We continued this in 2013 and 2014 and we are able to scale it up to more acres.  Thanks to many small scale farmers, who supported us without expecting any returns and cultivated quinoa for us.  Most of trail plots are not more than 1/2 acre.

We got good results in Jadcherla, Gadwal and most parts of Anantapur district. Its a best crop in Rabi in entire Telangana.  If irrigation facility is there, it can be done in rain shadow areas of  Telanagana. In Mahaboobnagar, Anantapur, Kurnool, Kadapa and Chottor districts it can be cultivated round the year with irrigation support.  With low cost drip irrigation facility we got around 4.5 quintols/acre. This year we are extending this trail to Hiriyur/Sira area of Karnataka in two trail plots.

In 32 acres, we cultivated through a group of farmers located in different parts of AP & Telangana, in 2014, we lost the crop in 21 acres due to bad rains. But this year, we got good seed in quantities for further expansion.

In last two years, we are able to  standardise the total agronomy practices. We recorded our observations on suitable seasons, suitable soils, seeds, cultivation practices, fertiliser management etc. We are able to organise all information on quinoa (Pronounced it as Keenva) step by step from sowing to harvesting.

We hope that in 6 - 8 months, we are in a position to provide total solutions to the farming community.  Now we are working on business model.  Our website supergrainquinoa.com [inactive] will be online by mid of Feb or end Feb.  We felt that this is the right time to share.

Sampada Farms & Consultants[/font][/size]

Hy all , i am cultivating quinoa in hyd

This is my Quinoa group


Dear Mr. Rajesh, nice to hear from you.  Its nice to know that you are cultivating Quinoa.  Kindly share your experiences.

Sampada Farms & Consultants

thanx to all.

i am happy to share to my experience about quinoa cultivation.
it is very simple crop and very sensitive crop.

1 before plough  u r land add neem cake or neem powder
2  dont go for sow method do in nurseries  method
3 use jivambrth , organic fertilizer and neem oil(15000 ppm)
4 and my exception yield is 700 kgs  to 1 tone per acre

please check below my crop pic this is 60 days of age that is last month pic

Can Qinoa be cultivated in coastal areas? I guess it will need a mild climate. It looks similar to millet.

further to my conversation to an expert, he suggested that Quinoa will not be very suitable for startup guys like me :frowning: who have not done agriculture in the past.

However he said if an experienced farmer can give guidance/supervise the growth, it is very easy crop to be grown. Internet research suggests its successful in Andhra region. I’m guessing that this means hot climate is suitable, but we need to hear some success stories from other fellow farmers from other parts of India to see how this goes. :slight_smile:

Hope there is some good news for the future


in coastal  area doesn’t get any pest yar

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Sorry to reply with your quote but i did not understand the meaning. Please rephrase the sentence for me.

I have done Quinoa farm and going to cultivate in April 2015.

My name is manoj and I am from MAharashtra ( Amravati district )
First image is of 20 day old crop

Also Watch my Quinoa farm Video at Youtube link 

one more image with this post for the quinoa sowed in first week of november

I have done quinoa sowing in 5 acre and applied different irrigation and fertigation techniques. Details are summerized below.
1.sowing done on 9 November.
2. One acre out of 5 acre has shown extraordinary results.
3. Today, on 5 January 2015  plants are almost 3 feet tall and more than 8 branches
4. I have done resowing for remaining 4 acres on 28 nov.

My Mobile No 9850597704 Email ID manojl.upadhyaya@gmail.com

I have cultivated Quinoa and already obtained my crop. Now I can spare some kgs of seed for cultivation for other farmers in different parts in India. Interested farmers can contact me on 08125588588  or sdurgaprasadrao@gmail.com

How do you market the produce ? I know there are exporters ? But don’t they ask for organic product only ? Are you cultivating it organically ? Do you normally write a purchase agreement with exporters ? How much do they pay ?

Dear Sri. Durga Prasada Rao, Could you please throw some light on the economics of cultivation and  details of its marketability.
C. Siva Sankara Reddy

Please watch this video about my quinoa farm 0- Second video in the series - 68 days old crop and 48 days old crop


Quinoa growers group
If anybody growing quinoa You can share  Your experience



Can this crop be cultivated in Punjab?