Question regarding the Fodder

Dear Forum Memebrs,

Please suggest which would be the best thing for getting Fodder . we are planning to purchase 10 Cows and to get Fodder for them. Which one of the following would be best

A) Purchasing two to three acres of land for fodder :- As Fodder grown in the land wont be enough for the cows as all the cows graze about 70% of their food as fodder and won’t be sufficient.

B) purchase fodder in bulk i mean a truck full of fooder twice a week will help as we are investing the land cost in purchasing a fodder.

Please suggest  the cost of purchasing fodder and also suggest any other alternative which would cut cost for us.

Aprreciate for your valuable suggestions in Advance.

Hi Premsai,

Depend on your finance, you can opt for Hydroponic fodder which outputs 150 kgs per day with 10 kg of barley seed or 4.5 tonnes green fodder per month which is sufficient for 10 cows. It will need investment though.

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Dear Prem

As per various discussion over this forum for 10 cows you need 2 acre land,  Own cultivation cost would be aprx Rs 0.75-1/Kg  depend on various factors like labour,…etc

hve prsly checkd with fodder machine manufacturer and understand that production cost of fodder in machine is aprx Rs 2/kg and cost of machine is aprx Rs 8lac.

so work your costing accordingly