Question on Planting sugarcane saplings

Dear All,

Sorry for the basic question regarding sugarcane  saplings plantation which is scheduled next week

Can I plant the saplings first and irrigate through drip for the next 6 hours or do I have to irrigate first and plant the saplings. Since the temperature is around 40 degrees is it ok to plant saplings first and irrigate water.

Since I am planning to use Easy planter, it will not be possible with a wet plot.

Please suggest



Hello Experts,

Please help.



Dear Sri Ravi ,

Sir, welcome to our farmers friendly Forum. Whatever implement you use for your farming, it is a basic requirement to give water to your plant immediately, as this is summer and temperatures are at a high tune.

Generally, farmers irrigate their land either with flood irrigation and/or drip irrigation and they do the plantation of sugercane , either stem cuttings with eyes/rind or rooted seedlings of sugar cane.

As you said you are using , Easy Planter, use some other method of watering , like manual watering, use of drip, or use wet gels/wet coir pith pieces, which is comfortable to you, immediately after plantation of your sugarcane seedlings.

In the above, decide your method of plantation, inform us if you have any specific doubts. The basic must is,  the plant needs water immediately and good humidity is required around the sugarcane seedling.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer