Question on building overhead water tank

Hello sirs,

i have  farm land of 9 acres with 2 borewells with 2 inch delivery.out of this one is with good 2 inch and other a little bit less.

now i want to contruct a overhaed fill it at night time and use it in day time.

Now any one please tell me how to measure quantity of water from the delivery pipe,
and the size of the tank to store the 8 to 10 hrours ofwater.


Dear Sreedhar

The best and precise way of to measure is using a flow meter, but this would be a costly proposition


Measure using a timer and a drum, this will give you a fair idea.


Please look at the attached sketch. Make a L shaped scale with 4" on one side and measure X in inches. Give the values of X and D so that I can calculate the flow volume and velocity.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Mr.Saravana .

If it is overhead tank it has to be RCC structure. If it costs more than 10 lakhs then solar pumping system would be a cheaper option.

Or you can have a ground level reservoir with brick construction in a elevated place. This will reduce construction cost by 60% compared to RCC overhead tank. Outside of the tank, walls can be supported by soil like a tank a bund.

Also, why specifically overhead tank? Because if this is done using brick and mortar, cost will be enormous. And PVC tanks dont come in large volume holding and isnt economical as well.

If you are not thinking in terms of gravity based irrigation system, consider having a farm sump constructed using LDPE pond liners. This is considerably economical.

And, if the rationale behind the storage is because of non-availability of continuous power during day time, then yes you can consider solar water pumping system. So essentially you should be comparing the cost of having a storage tank vs cost of solar water pumping system.

Hope this helps!


You made my suggestion obsolete. My complements for your lateral thinking.

Thank you both Sri & Saravana.