Question about Korean Natural Farming

I’m currently trying out this certain method of natural farming, i am aware that it consists of 3 organic fertilizers that go through fermentation (Fermented Plant Juice, Fermented Fruit Juice, and Fish Amino Acids). However, i am quite confused with how the fermentation works.

I know that fermentation is a chemical process that turns carbohydrates (in this case brown sugar) into acids or alcohol with the assistance of bacteria and yeast. The materials for FPJ naturally has IMOs and yeasts on it, however how about FFJ and FAA?

If i collect fish parts from the market, that possibly could’ve been there for hours, wouldn’t i be collecting bad bacteria? And wouldn’t that ruin the fertilizer overall?

For the FFJ, fruits don’t have yeast on the surface, but probably holds little bacteria. But with the amount of bacteria, won’t it produce little juice?

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