Query about pruning

Hi Experts,

    I had a few queries on Pruning my plantation (mixed fruit)

    1. when it would be a good season for pruning?
    2. how many times should one prune per year?
    3. Is there any specific technique for pruning for effective fruiting and growth.


Mango and Pomogranite needs specialised pruning.

Mango: it has to be pruned from Aug-Oct.  First pruning has to be done at 1M height. next pruning will be done for 1M height i.e. brachnes. A Perfect pruning will leave only three braches from the first pruning. repeat the same. Every brach will have three sub bracnhes.

Once it starts fruiting you have to prune the braches which bore fruit in that season i.e once a year.

Make sure to spray bordaux after pruning to avoid fungal infection.
Mango-pruning.pptx (64.7 KB)


I think that making the “Torana” using mango leaves is encourage pruning.
September to October is the festive season and if you are suggesting that pruning has to done between Aug-Oct makes me believe that this could be one of the reasons of making “Torana” Using Mango leaves.

Also would some pruning be done in March  [Ugadi] time ?


Pruning should be done in end of summer or before rain start.

Shall not be done in rainy season because can attract fungus where branches pruned.

I am trying to understand to what extent branches can be pruned. or which one shall not be pruned?

What to do with cut braches ? can we leave in the field to let it mulch and decompose?

Thank you