Quail Farming - Suggestions for better EGG production, size and Quality

I have been rearing Quails since last year. The egg production was too flexible and size & quality is not standard.
Feed: Boiler starter 55%, broken rice 35% and rice bran 10% along with vitamins and minerals.

The production was low since starting itself. All I want is 70-80% egg production, proper size and quality.

Dear Sri Sadhu,  Quail chiks/birds requires more protein feed than broilers (poultry) feed. If you give less protein containing feed, they can not produce/grow as per their originality.

You can contact 1. Haigain feeds. sri Dr Nataraj at 09900944002,  2. Dr Krishna Prasad at 09440956010,  3. Dr Mani, Tanuvas,Namakkal at 09786125257, and put a request to them and they may help you.

OR you can do one way. Add 15 kg of Dry fish ( salt less ) and / or any other food material, which is high protein substitute  in 85 kgs of Poultry broiler starter feed.

Hope your problem will be cleared. all the best.  g.p.rao, farmer