PUSA Hydrogel

I’m interested in a super absorbent product called PUSA Hydrogel.
Could anyone tell me where I could buy it and what the price is?


PLOT NO. 57, I. P. EXTENSION, PATPARGANJ, Delhi - 110092, India
Phone : 91-11-22246215
Fax : 91-11-22246215


i acre you will need 1kg of this and cost around 1800 per KG .

Good luck.

Once you try with the product do post you results will help other farmers, I use them for hydroponics and works good.

A quick google resulted with this youtube link where they mention that it is being distributed in karnataka via agriculture departments.
Will check and update.

youtube.com/watch?v=kndMIcUE … e=youtu.be


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  Kindly enlighten us more about the Product super absorbent product called PUSA Hydrogel. Also inform us the Application and use of this Product in FARMING.

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Just spoke with Mr. Jagadeesh Sunkad of Kanakadhara Agricultural Innovations Pvt. Ltd.  Bangalore who is also selling this product. He was very kind enough in explaining that this is Non-toxic and other benefits. If we deposit the money in their bank account ( including courier charges)  he can send by courier if small quantities. He can be reached in his cell (+91 9449081339) and his email ID is jagadeeshsunkad@gmail.com . Hope this helps!