Pure Gir Cow required

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I am from Vadodara,Gujarat.Can you please help me in getting Pure Gir cow. I need 2-4 Gir Cows at individual level.

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Dhruv Dave

Hi Dhruv,

May I know the purpose of buying pure breed Gir Cows?

You may find the same in Junagarh Region but be prepared to shell out price above Rs. 40,000/- - Rs. 50,000/-.

Hi Prasham,

I require pure Gir Cow to have pure milk of best indigenous breed. I dont rely on milk selling in market it is more or less adulterated.

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Dhruv Dave 

I too have a Gir Cow at my place and milk is indeed great. BTW I’d inform you that average cost of milk of a Gir Cow will be around Rs. 40-45/- considering its dry time. Ofcourse the cost is high as I don’t have my own farm which leads to higher fodder costs.

If you have enough space I suggest you to visit Junagarh Agri. University. They would be able to provide you with best cows.

Hi Prasham,

Thanks a lot for your help. Do you have any direct number of person who will guide me so that I can contact him?

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Dhruv Dave

Junagarh Agri. University
Cattle Breeding Farm
Dr. Savsani - 09427502728

Thanks a lot, Prasham.

i am from kerala and i have a collection of 68 pure gir heifers.
i am thinking of of replacing some of them with sahiwal and sindhi
those who are interested in gir may contact

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have sent you an email about some queries I have on gir. Please could you respond when you have the time

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Gir origines in Saurashtra Region in State of Gujarat(India):
Rural Area of the Districts Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Amreli, Junagadh, and Jamnagar.
Some Swaminrayan or other religious places are also having gir breed cows. Lokbharati, Sanosara
in Bhavnagar District would be a ideal place to get information regarding Gir cows.

i am from Amreli, Gujarat we sell and buy all over Saurastra gir cow and some very good breed cow
plase call me
Devasi Ram  CELL NO 8980034324, 9429134324

Devasi Ram, Consultant and service provider, Chalala Dairy, Chalala, Amreli, Gujarat,

Hi All,

There are some Gir Cows rearing, R&D in well reputed organisations in Surashtra region of Gujarat:
Any one interested may Contact Mansukhbhai Suhagiya, at Jamka Gir. Shri Pramukh Swamishri inaugurated two new publications: Gir Gay Apne Angane, written by Mansukhbhai Suhagiya. Lokbharti Sanosara, Bhavnagar is also one of the reliable and well reputed organisation for Gir Cow Breeding. Bhuvaneshwari  Gaushala at Gondal Rajkot also rearing best Gir Cows. many Village Gushala in Junagadh district are good sources for pure breed cows. Many Cowmen (Maldhari/Bharwd, Rabari in District of Surendranagar, Rajkot, Bhavnagar are payin their best efforts to rear the Gir Cows even in famine conditions. )
Thanks and Regards,
Ratilal Sudani,
Consultant, Groundwater, Hi Tech Agriculture and Animal Husbandry)
ANAND, Gujarat, Cell: 9427382368
Email: groundwater.sudani@gmail.com

Please folllow this topic and find for my post:http://farmnest.com/forum/animal-farming/want-to-buy-indian-breed-cows/msg9978/#msg9978

To the kind attention of all members,

The entire lot in our collection intended for sale has been sold out. If any body knows how to remove the post, please help me.

Hello all;

I am an expatriate Keralite trying to ‘retire’ through dairy farming and agriculture.  We have recently constructed a 20 cattleshed and is in the process of acquiring cows - I would prefer to have some Ghir desi cows.  Where do I get good quality Ghir cows in Kerala?

I am from Trichur District Kerala - any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jayan KG
Abu Dhabi - Off +971-2-406 7222  M +971-56 340 3135;
India Res 91-480 288 5185; M +91 949 777 3799 
E kgjayan@gmail.com

Mr dave,

We have a farm outside baroda and sell cow’s milk for the past 10 years .  I just saw that you would like gir cow’s milk .  We do supply gir cow’s milk.  If u like to know more details to can call me on 9638566606.  Thanks.  Gyaneshwari.

i need gir cow 1 year old
my email-unelko@gmail.com

Dear Sir,

I want to buy some Good quality GIR cows Can you suggest any genuine supplier please ?

Hasmukh Amin

hello every one
mere pass vatana ke chilke hai
jo cows and buffaloes usko khati hai
jisko bhi chahiye please +91 8141444427 par call ya whatsapp kar sakta hai