Purchase of Power Tiller...Help Needed..!

Dear pals,

  Please suggest me Rotatory Power Tiller …Which company  model is good ? Implements that are needed ? Subsidy options availability ? and loan & Repayment options…?

  I am based at kollegal, Karnataka.I own a 5 acre farm,i cultivate paddy july to December and other crops accordingly jan to julyi have a well fitted with 7.5 hp to 10 hp open sub motar,a house plot 20*20 size ,as am new and started cultivating organically from 2 years. please help in cutting the cost spent for Tractor work  and also lack of power is a issue.

  All help options  from state & central govt will be a plus.Please guide…

VST power tiller is the leader with good service. Check in krushi ilaake, they have subsidy for this machine.


There is another option, you can rent it from Dharamstala Grameenabhivruddi. every hobli has one such branch. Tiller can be got at400/- transport expense is yours. operator diesel is included in the cost.

This year I got it for paddy puddling it worked out cheap for me.

Does anyone in and around Hyderabad know if something similar is available around SangaReddy.

Hello Gokul,
After unsuccessfully trying to buy an Angad Diesel Hal (8HP) for 3 months, I finally ended up buying a VST Shakti 130 DI Power Tiller for my 20 acre mango/coconut garden in Tamil Nadu.
Personally, the Angad Diesel Hal was my first choice because of its light weight and multiple accessory options. However, the Angad dealer kept promising to deliver for 3 months, and finally since he did not, i chose the VST tiller.
VST Shakti 130 DI Power Tiller is a very powerful and reliable Tiller. It is easy to operate and very reliable and rugged. I use it for forming basin around Mango/Coconut trees. I also use it for weeding the land. I operate it myself because no trained operators are available here. but I am glad I do it as it gives me a great workout.
The only drawback I feel is its heavy weight. The two-wheel chasis mounted Engine is almost leaning towards the front, and so whenever there is an incline or slope, it tends to nose-dive (despite a large sack filled with sand placed by me as a counter-weight). Many times I find the handles 7 feet up in the air and I have to struggle to pull it down. Quite scary.
So I suggest you go for VST Shakti 130 DI Power Tiller if your land is plain and not sloped. If otherwise, you can consider Angad or Aspee, which offer lighter and lower powered diesel tillers.
The Mitsubishi Shakti 240D Mini Tractor is also a good option, though priced almost twice as much as a tiller.
Good luck, Gokul!

Really thanful …what do you think about angad or greaves power tiller…