Purchase of gobar gas plant slurry

I am interested in purchasing gobar gas plant slurry for fertilising my agriculture farm in Medak district, Andhra Pradesh. Can any body give the idea where I can purchase and how much would it cost.

You need to contact Medak representative of NREDCAP and ask them about location of biogas installations in the district (such as this one) where you can procure the slurry.

NREDCAP website: nedcap.gov.in/

Relevant contact person:

Sri G. Butchi Raju
Executive Engineer (RE)
5-1-94, Ganapathi Nagar Colony
TTD Kalyana Mantapam Main Road
Sanga Reddy  502001
Ph.No. 08455 276564 / 9703364433

Thanks a lot for the information.