Purchase of dairy cow

Purchase of Animals:

Animals in second lactation during first month after calving along with female calves will be purchased in two batch, sixty per cent ( ) in first batch and forty per cent ( ) in second batch at an interval of 6 months. Ratio of milch cows to dry cows = 3:1; with optimum productive and reproductive traits.

Is this right way?
Kindly advice me

vishal goel

:sunglasses:ideally what you are saying is right
what you have said will only happen if you are purchasing from reputed breeder but prices will be very high

but in south india current trend is -most ppl sell pregnant cows
reason being-
seller cannot lie about milk yield- you can always check
barring colostrum there’s no way to guarantee lactation duration(freshly calved/date of calving) seller will promise all his cows are freshly calved and on asking about calves they will tell they sold it :smiley:
2 teeth first timer, 4 teeth first/second timer, 6 teeth second/third timer in general but more than 4 teeth you cant be sure whether its first time or second/third time- down in south india heifers costs a lot
there is no hard and fast rule about 6 months interval
best practise would be  to buy a good cow whenever it is available :smiley:(keeping in mind fodder availability)

Agar mai holstein friesian cow buy karu, to kaise pata chalega ki 2nd lactation hai ?