Pumpkin seeds - any one has experience with Arjuna variety?

Friends, any experience in using ARJUNA Pumpkin seeds… Our area ( some parts of Western Tamilnadu) market prefers these pumkins… Typical feedback I got is 6 feet x 6 feet distance each pit having 2 seedlings… One time harvest and most say 2 pumpkins per plant … approx. 10 tonnes one farmer has harvested but using lots of Chemical fertilizers and flood irrigation method … I’m opting for Organic method… Keeping my fingers crossed so trying a 0.5 acre only now as we have water scarcity too and using drip irrigation near roots but experts say pumpkins need flood irrigation as roots form almost most places and stay put on soil and absorb water / nutrients . Any advice / suggestions…

Brother Pumpkin uses very Low quantity of Water. No need of Flow Irrigation.Drip Irrigation once in 15 Days is enough. Further no need of Chemicle Fertilisers .It grow well with Organic Fertiliser.

I am also in need of Pumpkin Seed .Can you Provide 2Kgs of Seed to me .If available with you and Can provide,I will Pay money for that.Kindly inform