Pulling water from dams

Hi all,
I am currently investigating buying a dam touch property.
I need to understand the rules / regulations around pulling water from dam for agricultural use. What are the permissions required, how is the cost calculated, how are the payments done etc.


Anyone with any information ?? Or may be whom to speak to get more info ?


Dont worry, Simply put a submersible pump and draw water. If not dig a small pond type in your land and the dam water will subsequently seep into this. Then draw water from this. In any case you are not going to empty the dam right ?


Murali KG

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@Murali… agreed i wont drain the entire dam… but i need to understand who owns the water legally ? And what is the process for requesting water from may be the irrigation dept… And how do they know how much water i am using and such other queries…

Drawing surface water from the dam for irrigation may not be legal. You may have to take water drawing permission from the state Government. However drilling a filter point on the dam bank or digging an open well on the bank in your own patta land is perfectly legal and you do not need to take any permission.
Siva Sankara Reddy.

Number of farmers in practice draw surface water from the dams for irrigation and it is not normally not objected to by the Government although the practice is not legal, may be apprehending social problems. By the way which dam you are referring to.
Siva Sankara Reddy.

Siva Sankara Reddy.

In maharastra, small dams are owned by  irrigation dept. For large water use, you have to make application and pay fee in advance for one year estimated use. Fees are not very high. For 50 acre plantation, fees would be about 5-6000 rs each year, i think. Also if buying land near dam, check boundary and watershed of dam as per irriggation dept. In maharashtra irrigation dept maps are more latest and survey and village maps are all from british days.

Thanks Ray !! I believe the best way forward is to find the offices of irrigation dept in the area and take it from there…

Water lifting permission needs to be taken from the Irrigation dept since the Dam belongs to them. The permission is given for the capacity of the pump permitted. For 2 hectares the permitted capacity is 5 HP. The actual charges is quite less but not sure if you will be able to get it through the legal process. Even local small-time farmers get permission by bribing. I have taken permission in Pune and can explain you the details. My number is 9850960162

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