Protection Methods from wild Boar (Jangli Suar)

Hello Everyone,
I am very new to farming and have just purchased 2 Acres of land in Nagpur region Maharashtra.
I am planning to cultivate normal rose, (no poly house). I have come to know that, this particular area where i have my farm has threat from wild boars. I am looking form old members to know protection methods that can be adopted to prevent intervention of wild animals in farm specifically wild boars.
I have also searched for various fencing, please help me on that front as well, I would prefer not to install fencing as it is costing around 3 Lakhs with combination of chain mesh up to 2 and half feets and then razor or barbed wire till 2 and half feet (total 5 feet) from ground level. If fencing is the only viable option, then please help with various economical work around that can be implemented.

Try tying cloth ribbons soaked in boar fat around the crop. They sell it in villages and it seems to have worked well in protecting our maize crop last season.

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Thanks Chandra Sir for reply.
I will be very greatful If you can help me with details of location where I can get boar fat.
If you know some place near Nagpur region in Maharashtra

Use a solar panel with Auto battery and controller. Unit will cost 12 thousand. Jay wire cost about one thousand. Including labour expenses about 15thousand. I am using this for the last one month .Excellent results. The seller promised 18months guarantee on the battery and 10 years warranty on the solar panel

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Thanks Vamsinr,

It sounds good. If it is possible for you can you please help with some details of seller. Similarly please let me know if above mentioned cost is for per acer or in 15K you got protection for your entire farm.

The seller said this will work for 25 acres.I am using this for 15 acres now. Very easy setup .I bought this in Yadagiri town ( karnataka ). I will try and send pictures tomorrow during the day of the controller unit. Panel and battery should be easily available.

Thanks Vamsinr,

Please share photos, as it is working fine for 15 Acers on your farm it should be easily protect 2 Acers of farm.
Sounds Viable and economical too. Lets see if it works out for me.
Waiting for your input.

There is no real solution except solid live fence which will also give you income rather than expenses.
Also it us self maintaining. See link below.

Dear Bhishma Sir,

Thanks for your valuable input. I will surely evaluate few option from list with climatic and soil conditions.
In live fencing I am worried about,

  1. it should not get into nearby farms (Owners will definitely not like it) and
  2. if it gets bigger then shadow of bigger plants will impact small rose plants in production perspective.

As one of the live fence option I was also thinking about Jatropha curcas, as it is not consumed by livestock and it can also be used for medicinal herb. It will be very helpful if you can please guide on above.


My response to your points is as follows.

  1. You can put boundary marker posts and leave some allowance for over growth.

You can also harvest live fence like mehndi or others.

You may allow your neighbour to harvest part over growing on his side.

You may avoid live fencing on common border and grow only facing road side.

  1. At you latitude, shadows will be only during early morning and evening.

Again fencing need not be more than twice height of intruding animals.

Besides some of the benefits of live fencing are

  • Extra income

  • Improvement of land if nitrogen fixing vegetation is selected.

  • Biodiversity can improve crop protection by giving shelters to beneficial insects.

Everything has cost. All you need to do is to weigh benefits against cost.

Bhishma Desai

Phone: 412-418-5117

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I have grown KILUVAI as live fence it is a Tamil name It is good biz to chop off protruding branches and sell , I know people sell at rs 15 a piece Leaves have medicinal value

I am also trying Gajakka in Telugu very thorny if grown close will not even allow rats the flower and fruits are used in medicines and fragrance

Also trying kalakkai in Tamil which bears fruits . Can be used to pickle and eat raw too a kg of fruits have a street value of Rs 100

Others cd pluck too I think it is fine to share

I can provide seed suppliers number and you need to grow in a nursery and transplant ideally or sow directly


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Subramanian Peranamallur Narayanasamyji,Please share contact information of seed suppliers.
Please also let us know english or technical name if possible.

Bhishma Desai

Phone: 412-418-5117

D.R. Suresh
Agro Forestry Consultant
Suresh Forestry Network
Near Bangalore - India

You can check with him about different seeds which can be used for Live fencing --Gajakkai is called Sagargoat

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