Protected Cultivation - questions on economics

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I am a newbie to agriculture, but have gained immense interest in the subject, specifically hi tech precision farming. I have done some basic home work on the technologies available and their economics, most people I spoke to seemed to give more of a marketing gyan and overly positive feedback.

Hence, I am writing in this forum to get a neutral opinion and feedback from members. Your personal experience / expert opinions would add immense value.

I am interested in setting up a 10 acre farm in Kanceepuram / Tiruvallur districts (Periphery of Chennai) for producing vegetables(Capsicum, Cucumber, Tomato,etc) under protected cultivation methods, need inputs and advice on the following

1.) How viable is a comercial project for producing vegetables thru Poly houes / Net house
2.) What can be the net income / acre on practical and reasonable estimates
3.) Considering the climatic conditions of Tamil Nadu, is it advisable to go in for a Naturally Ventilated Poly House(NVPH) or a Shade Net House
4.) How is the yeild/acre comparable under both methods of cultivation
5.) What is the market potential for scalability of the project

Your inputs and comments would be of immense help.

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  1. The approximate cost of setting up a 1 Ac Green house is 40 lakhs with no subsidy.
  2. Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur are close to Chennai so marketing the produce is not difficult.
  3. Please monitor the wind speed of your proposed location so that you take necessary interventions such as wind breaks.
  4. The crops you have selected for protected cultivation are appropriate as you are trying to exploit vertical growth and crops like Tomato to a large extent and capsicum and cucumber to some extent perform well under protected cultivation.
  5. Please bear in mind that your crop planning should sync with market and I would suggest that the production be staggered and come to harvest from the month of April to October when the prices of the produce are very good that can amortize the capital cost of green house to a large extent.
    6.The conservative estimate of Tomato Production under good practices for protected cultivation is 80 MT, Capsicum 40  MT and Cucumber 50 MT with an average cost of production of 3 lakhs. 
    7.The demand for vegetable cultivation is continuously growing the only initial capital cost of setting up the green houses is the limitation. 

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Thank you Mr.Purshotham, I shall connect with you for further querries.

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