Protected Cultivation in Odisha

Hello all,

I am a farmer aspirant from odisha and basically interested in high quality protected cultivation for domestic and export market. Well… of course its too ambitious for someone from Odisha given the poor market linkage and regional demand as compared to the farmers from western(read Maharashtra) and sothern(Bangalore) region…another factor being the poor availability of local expertise,especially in hi-tech farming or scientific farming…

So its an open request to all the experienced and aspiring farmers to pool their knowledge here so that we can grow as a community and farmers from other areas are warmly invited to join the discussion and share their insights.

Regarding the topics of discussion…well it should not be limited,but to give a start,please provide the prospect for floriculture and vegetable farming in polyhouse,its market potential in odisha and support provided by state horticulture department under NHM.