Project report (Not that of NABARD)

Dear All,

I am planning to set up the a dairy farm in Jamnagar District of Gujarat with minimum of 20 cows & 20 buffalo.

If any one give me little bit economics on avg milk yield, lactation period & dry period, running cost (food etc) and capital cost. Please do not provide NABARDS Bankable project they are of very old information.

We are having available land of 10 acres for fodder cultivation also.

Will be very thankful if anyone can help me out.

Thanks you experts in advance.

Here is the link for your project report. you can also configure it. … model.html

For a HF cow yeilds up to 4500l in a lactation period ~300 days. i.e. 15L average yeild in one lactation. There is no rule that every animal must yeild so much. Few animals will yeild less, ocassionally more.

As a thumb rule per animal you can save 3000 to 5000/- based on your spendings and market condition.

Investment will be 1 to 1.3 lacs per animal.

All the above figures are aproximate costs may vary from season to season and place to place.

There used be days dairying nevere needed marketing but now you need to check who will be your buyer.

Buying all animals in one shot is advisable you can make bacth of 3 to 4 animals and buy.

While buying you need a vet and a experinced dairy farmer otherwise there is a gaurantee that you will be cheated for sure.

Dear Sri2012,

Thanks for your reply, it is really very useful information has been provided by you.

I have one query if you can sort it out please. “That, does the cow dairy farms are viable if we do not following the culling of the animals as I do not like them to be culled after their useful utilsation…”

Please guide me that is the only worrying point I have…

Thanks so much & regards

Dont cull old cows, farmers buy at cheaper price. They use untill they die.

Male calfs: Dont have solution after they are born but  You can incept female embryos. In Gujarat many dairy farmers import from Israel. Unfortunately I dont have any contact details.

So there is 100% gauarntee of getting a female calf.

Thanks Sri2012,

That is very vital information provided by you. It will really help me a lot…

Thanks again for your help dear.

Hi farmnest friends,

Can someone guide who can provide man power to work in dairy farm in Anantapur, 180 kms from Bangalore. Will provide accomadation and good salary.

Your help will be much appreciated.