Project report needed

Hi i need project report full for 10 or 20 crossbred cows,not calculations full project report.i need.if any one willing to share please reply.

Here is the link for your project report. you can also configure it. … model.html

For a HF cow yeilds up to 4500l in a lactation period ~300 days. i.e. 15L average yeild in one lactation. There is no rule that every animal must yeild so much. Few animals will yeild less, ocassionally more.

As a thumb rule per animal you can save 3000 to 5000/- based on your spendings and market condition.

Investment will be 1 to 1.3 lacs per animal.

All the above figures are aproximate costs may vary from season to season and place to place.

There used be days dairying nevere needed marketing but now you need to check who will be your buyer.

Buying all animals in one shot is advisable you can make bacth of 3 to 4 animals and buy.

While buying you need a vet and a experinced dairy farmer otherwise there is a gaurantee that you will be cheated for sure.

Note: Source posted by Sri2012