Project Report for 10-cow/buffalo Dairy Farm

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Dairy Farming is among the most profitable venture provided you can take enough & timely care of milch animals and have facilities to cultivate adequate green fodder. We are offering you our services to setup 10-cow/buffalo dairy farm on affordable payment basis.

Please refer Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme by NABARD: … %20186.pdf

For 10 animals unit size, the subsidy amount is Rs. 1.25 lakh for general and Rs. 1.67 lakh for SC/ST farmers. Out of total capital cost, minimum margin money is 10% and rest is financed by bank. Capital cost is towards purchase of milch animals, construction of shed, basic equipments & green fodder cultivation. In addition you are eligible for appropriate Cash Credit Limit too to meet day-to-day expenses.

We have designed the project as follows:

10 Milch cows including transportation: Rs. 4,10,000=00
(for buffalo it will increase)
Cowshed construction: Rs. 3,00,000=00
Equipments: Rs. 70,000=00

Term Loan: Rs. 4,99,000=00 (qtr. installment Rs. 30,000=00)
NABARD Subsidy: Rs. 1,25,000=00
Cash Credit Limit: Rs. 60,000=00

Milking days: 3000 days
Dry days: 650 days

Total income by sale of milk: Rs. 9,60,000=00
Total income by sale of urine: Rs. 65,700=00
Total income by sale of cowdung: Rs. 61,320=00
(for buffalo it will vary)

Total feed cost for milking cows: Rs. 4,04,250=00
Total feed cost for dry cows: Rs. 38,610=00

Profit before Interest, Depreciation & Tax: Rs. 4,30,910=00
Net Profit: Rs. 3,31,391=00

Current Ratio: 1.99
Bank Finance to Working Capital gap: 0.50

We can provide you following documents on easy payment terms:

Bankable Project Report: We will provide you four copies of it. First, for your district field office of NABARD. In fact NABARD has its field office in all major district of India. Second, for the Lead Bank of your district. In fact Lead Bank supervises the implementation of government schemes in its district area. Third, for your bank who will sanction the loan. Finally fourth, for you.

Operation Manual: It is quite elaborate and describes issues related to feeding, caring, vaccination, health of animals and maintenance of shed. It also describes cultivation of good quality green fodder at economic cost. Operation manual will help you to understand the basics of proposed venture and to talk to various concerned authorities to whom you will negotiate for sanction of your project. In fact bank used to take thorough interview of entrepreneur for whether he/she knows about his/her business or not. We will provide you four copies of it.

Layout with Construction Cost Estimate: Layout is as per NABARD guidelines. It will help you for scientific construction of layout of your venture and help to monitor construction cost. We have designed elegant but low cost structures for your farm.

Contact particulars: While ordering please inform us name and address of your local bank who will sanction your loan. We will inform you address of lead bank office and local field office of NABARD of your district accordingly.

Guidelines to talk to Bank and other authorities: It is in question/answer format regarding project and entrepreneur both. This will help you a lot since many people say that without bribe no bank sanction the loan. This is not exactly true. Project and entrepreneur both have to demonstrate strength. Our guidelines will help you a lot to negotiate with bank. This is based on our practical experience. We are suggesting you to talk to other authorities as well i.e. NABARD, Lead Bank, etc. Your bank manager will be delighted when you gain confidence of other concerned authorities as well.

Guidelines for other documents needed: We will guide you what land documents and other documents are needed to file along with project documents. Land 5 acre should be preferably on ownership rather than on lease for proposed venture. Other documents e.g. address proof, identity proof, etc. are needed. Please refer our … eneurship/

We request you to patiently read this and related thread. This will inform you our approach for few projects that we have completed and few projects that we are working upon at present.

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Ordering: All documents, project report, layout and guidelines mentioned above are available on easy payment terms. While ordering please pay Rs. 2,000=00 advance. Soon upon your order we will talk to you and know your precise requirements and land details. If your land is rectangular/square then we can prepare layout after knowing just the dimensions (north to south and east to west). Otherwise you are required to send us rough sketch of your land so that we could prepare the layout precisely. Accordingly we will ship the entire documents mentioned above through VPP for Rs. 5,000=00. That is total fee is Rs. 7,000=00 in total. Advance amount will help us bear our preliminary expenditures towards your documents, layout preparation, vpp charges and communication with you to know your precise requirements.

Please send PM mentioning your name, address with pincode and telephone number. We will contact you soon to complete ordering formalities.


Do u have office in Maharashtra? I based in Pune & my farm is at Akkalkot of Solapur district. I am planning to set-up similar kind of small Dairy Farm at my Farm, Rajvan Agri Tourism. So kindly let me know how to proceed.
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Hi I am intrested in Dairy Project
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Hi Foodagroconsultant,

Would like to discuss with you regarding setting up of a dairy farm in Tamil Nadu, with the initial set-up of 30-50 cows and scaling it to 100 cows.

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