Project in making biofertilizer for Coffee Tree

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i’m come from Daclak of Vietnam where we were known at a big world of coffee trees. i have graduated from a university of Vietnam in Biotechnology and i have a great passion on agriculture especially with the coffee tree. Now i have 1 ha of coffee trees’s farm and a long project to make bio-fertilizer for this kind of trees, so i suppose to be cooperated with any investors who are interesting with agriculture. if some concern on, pls call (+84) 909 027 228

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Are you looking to produce biofertilizer for your own farm or to produce it commercially?

Thank for your kind concerning in my topic, i pretend to use my farm as an experiment farm for this project and the bio-fertilizer were produced successfully from the factory will be sell at the market.

in Daklak Vietnam most of farmers knew that the bio-fertilizer will impact actually to the soil and created a huge nutrition for coffee tree but all of them didn’t know that it just work after a long time until they compost for tree. so they kept to use artificial manure and some time compost a little of organic fertilizer. You know, the cost of artificial manure in Vietnam is so high. So the farmer spent 2000USD/hectare/year for manure not include the cost for pest and disease. follow that, with 290.000hectare of Coffee tree in this area, the farmers had spent at least 580.000.000USD for manure in every year and that is a big cost to grow coffee with using artificial manure. Producing bio-fertilizer and help the farmer changing their apprehension in using fertilizer, i can help them to save moneys and help myself to earn moneys.

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We are manufacturers of Liquid Biofertilizers with plant growth stimulants (1st time in India) which have been tested for coffee in Yercaud, India. Kindly contact me for test reports we recd from cofee field test. Our company is Headed by a National award Winning Scientist. Thank You.

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