Produce per acre

Dear All,

Since I am very new to this field, I have some very mundane level doubts. Kindly excuse me for asking such stupid questions.

I am planning to do a cultivate 8-10 crops in an area of 2 acres of land, primarily vegetables.

The list is as follows:

1 brinjal
2 chilli
3 ladies finger
4 Papaya
5 Green gram
6 cabbage
7 groundnut
8 potato
9 radish
10 spinach

I wish to know the yield of each of these vegetables on a weekly basis, if I plant a quater acre of every vegetable.


Some information around this is here: … ield-data/

For veggies, you will have to spread the yield number over the yielding duration of the crop to get some weekly ball park estimates.

Also one more link … egetables/

The yeild varies from region to region and soil to soil.  The yeild in your farm varies for each crop rotation. It is a tricky question. So take the figures as indicative only for planning.

Hi Mr. Subramani, nice to hear about your doubts your intentions about the planned crops which you have mentioned are for business or for your own use ?. any way kindly go meet the professors at GKVK- Blore for a clarity information. their am sure they will help your alot.