Problems with Capsicum

Sharing presentation regards to Capsicum related pest and disease. This presentation was part of KVK, Baramati ppt.
Polyhouse 3 Capsicum Problems.ppt (2.99 MB)

Hello all

What do you think is the problem here ?


This is Bactria Wilt Problem.
You must Spray Thiamethoxam 25% WG + ( Metalxyl 8%+ Mancozeb 64% WP) + Plantomycine

Doses : Thiamethoxam 1 gm / 4 Liter water
            ( Metalxyl 8%+ Mancozeb 64% WP)2 gm / Liter
              Plantomycine 1 gm / Liter

Two times spray 15 days different. it is must 100% positive result For your Capsicum Crop 

i dont think this is wilt problem, the leaves look fresh and green, and its only the older leaves which have the dried patches. wilt wont burn the leaf but make it pale.

this is scorching due to the use of strong pesticide and accumulation. if you would see carefully, the edges have dried, as the spraying liquid accumulates and stays for longer on the edges.

i think this was old problem as we talked about it. are you observing the same plants ? how do they look now ?



i controlled my sprays further and removed the effected leaves. haven’t seen the same problem since then.