Problems in my rooftop garden beans

sir i have problem with my beans in my terrace garden they r flowering now. is this really a disease r nothing to worry

i also have pests in hibiscus.can any body identify and help

sorry one more problem i have my sweetcorn fruiting about to ripe but the fruit and sweetcorn turned dark brownish and drying.i was forced to cultivate the babycorn.what is this problem

This is mealybug. Use spray of metarhizium anisopliae.  or you can use ladybird. Caution: most pesticide ineffective on this because it wont reach them.

This could be wilt. Use trichoderma(soil treatment with FYM) and psudomonas(foliar spray).

sir thank you 4 ur suggestions.but i need one more help sir.metarhizium anisopliae what it it a pesticide.r the ways u suggested organic control of pests.i am a doctor totally unaware of these things.kindly clarify me.i saw in internet ladybugs can be bought online it possible in india too.if so where can i get the products u suggested

Metarizium is naturally available micro organism. it is totally harmless to humans . it is colonised under lab condition.
it is avaialable on talc based powdered form, when they get moisture they wake up from hibernation.

Trichoderma is a fungii. it is dominant fungii. wilt is cuased  by phytophtera… all are fungii. Trichoderma will suppress all other unwanted fungii.