Problem on Papaya seedling

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We have planted seed for papaya seedling before one month. We see the growth is not as much as we like and the leaves become curvy. Please view the attach picture. Kindly give some solution

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most of your issues are fungii related. It is already suggested fungicides for previouse issues. same can be applied for this case also.

You need to think of a permanent solution and preventive measure. Fungicide are like, like we take aspirin for migrane.

You have to think of converting your land to completly organic. Papaya is highly sensitve for wetness. it gets affected by fungii very quickly. You can avoid this by  using poly bag sapling and keeping them in shadenet. you can trasplant them after 45-60 days.

Use compost/FYM enriched with Trichoderma and Psuedomonas. This will prevent 90% of fungii related issues.

Make sure stem of the papaya trees always dry.

Papaya is highly susceptible  to inclement weather.In case it is cloudy or sunlight is less in the field the leave curl disease takes place. please look that the plants get sufficient sun light.Spray neem based bio pesticides on leave foliage during evening time.The two or three sprays shall make your papaya crops free of leave curl disease.Also do not provide excessive water.Its roots also start rotting in case of excess irrigation.Ensure just minimum moisture in the soil.Organic fertilizer keeps sufficient moisture in the field
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hello farmnestians happy Saturday :slight_smile: , papaya saplings hate wet areas and moisture climates so plz avoid raising saplings in such environment .coming straight away to problem
1)Curling of leaves is due to sucking pest and this can be avoided by covering with insect net around nursery area and you can spay confidor 1.5 ml/1lit water and you can use perfect chemical also.
2)For overall development of seedlings give drenching with 19:19:19 or 15:30:15 fertilizer which helps in overall leaves and stem development .
3)Humicacid can be used for proper root development and also mix any fungicide(captof,bavistin,blitox,etc) along with fertilizer and humicacid so that plant will not get any damping off.
4) saplings are 1 month old as you told you can keep for HARDENING of your saplings which means not giving saplings water for 2 or 3  days so that stem will get physical strength and it will not get prey for small winds .i hope your can grow good papaya saplings by applying the above points mentioned to all seniors and members what all the inputs i have given are from my observations in raising  good papaya saplings if any mistakes can be corrected . Happy Farming
finally thanks to farmnest  for giving me such opportunity to share what i learned by creating such platform

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As seen from your Seedlings Bed, you have not taken much care in Preparing Seedlings Bed.It should be little Bit elevated level at least 12" height.Further you should have provided a Neat and cleaned Environment i.e. Weed and Pest FREE.  Before sowing you should have treated the seed with Anti Bacterial and with Fungicide. Further don’t use Chemical Fertilisers for seed Bed. You use Neem cake,Vermi Compost and spray only Neem Oil instead of Chemical Pesticides. Your seedlings have attacked with Viral as well as Fungus. There is no use in using these seedlings for Growing. Because you cannot get GOOD results  in getting a GOOD Crop.If you follow the above Precautions  you can get healthy seed lings which get you a GOOID Yield.Again you go for another seedlings growing with the above Precautions.

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