Problem in TC G9 banana plant

Dear members,

I have planted 1400 G9 banana. Out of this nearly 600 are died because of rainy season.
I have attached some pics.
Please give me some solution how to protect other plants.


Looks like there was a water logging for a long time. Have draining trenches dug and allow excess water to flow to lower elevation.

or pile up soil at base of the plant. This will work only if your soil has good draining capacity.

The soil looks characteristic too. Did you test for salinity, alkalinity?

Dear Mr. Sri,

Thanks for identifying the problem.
I will do according to your advice.
As I have 860 banana trees remaining, can you please advice me about the fertilizer application. I have done drip irrigation for the banana plants.
Can I plant the rest of the banana plants after rainy season?
Shall I do the soil treatment again?


I suggested 1 possiblity chandra suggested other. you have to test your soil also.


During plantation 2Kg of neem cake,pongamia cake,Ground nut cake. 2 basket of FYM.

30 days: 3Kg of Vermi compost or 1 basket compost

Increase this dosage about 15% for every 45 days.

Examine the root and stem junction. If there was a slimy rot , the infection was due to Erwinea rot. You may apply bleaching powder (@  2 g per litre ) 500 ml solution per plant @ monthly intervals for three months.

Hello all,
as you all are growers of banana and/or have done a lot of homework in that area, i was wondering if you are aware of the genetically modified banana ? i am not sure if they are genetically modified or some other technology.
but what these bananas do is that they provide a dose of certain medicines, again i am not sure which.
but to give you a live example, there are bananas which have the dose of polio in them.

normally polio dose is given thru some drops, fed in the mouth. this is what i know. so these bananas replace the drop (media)
then again there are similar products for cold, fever… so i am guessing there must be many more similar fruits/vegetables which have such properties.

can anyone please share their knowledge as to what is the real science behind this and how it works? as i am very interested in such products.


Thank you Sir,

Water Logging should not be there for any Plants.
In between the Rows you Prepare a Trench and see that 
water is going to down witout logging either in Trench or at
Plant Root Zone. Along the Plants you prepare Beds with the Soil taken for preparing Trenches.
for vasudha Green Farms,