Problem in Long Yard Beans

Hi All,

It seems my long yard bean plants are attacked by some virus i.e yellow mosaic or leaf curl.
Could anybody help me out here by exactly identifying the disease and the pesticides for controlling them.

Please find attached the pics.


It seems like mosaic virus, please go for 2 applications of V-bind within 5 days interval at dosage of 3 ml per ltr.

We need to go for foliar spray in early morning.

If it rains immediately after spray, pls go for one more application


I am not sure it is virus - mottling could occur for other reasons too.

Do you find aphids, jassids or other sucking pests on at closer look of the leaves?

Well, back when we studied agriculture, virus diseases had no cure and the plants had to be destroyed.

There seem to be a number of ‘viricides’ of late - appreciate any data on their efficacy from field trials, if you have some.

seems ymv at early stage along with sucking pest activity…need to choose resistant var henceforth. i have seen entire crop gets affected in just two to three weeks

Dear Pradyot,

Please share us your Contact no or book V-bind at

We will send you free sample, will charge actual shipment and cash collection cost.

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Hi BigHaat,

Thanks for showing the nice gesture !!
Have ordered the same. Will inbox the order details.


Hello Big Haat,

Can you send me a sample of V- Bind . I want to use for my farm of 8 acres papaya .

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