Preparation of liquid organic fertilizer for fruits and vegetable crops

Method of preparation of organic  Liquid Fertilizer
Organic liquid fertilizer is easy to prepare
and efficient to use. Below is a step by step
guide on how to prepare liquid fertilizer
which can be used to fertilize fruit trees and

1 . 200 liters of water
2. 3.785 lit  of molasses
3. 1 5 eggs
4. 2 buckets mill-feed(wheat middling)
or rice bran
5. 3.785 lit of milk
6. 1 liter of EM solution

1 .Break eggs into the 3.785 lit  of
molasses (egg shell adds calcium optional),
2. Add 3.785 it  of milk,
3. Add the EM and other liquid ingredients;
4.Stir thoroughly until molasses is
completely dissolved.
Add this mixture slowly into a drum halffilled
with water (1 00 liters), and then add in
the 2 buckets of mill feed or rice bran. Stir
until the dry feed is completely dissolved
and then fill to 200 liters drum capacity.

1 4 Days Process: Mixture must be stirred daily for about 5
minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening for 1 4
days, thereafter it can be used as liquid fertilizer. Daily stirring
is necessary since bacteria added to the mixture needs oxygen
to accelerate decomposition. The mixture will develop a
fermented smell similar to sweet wine or vinegar an indication
that the process has been done correctly and properly.

Application: For soil drench, the recommended dilution
rate is 1 :25 - 1 :50 (i.e 1 part liquid fertilizer to 25 parts water)
and 1 :80 to 1 :1 00 for foliar application. To use as a drench,
add 4 - 8 liters of liquid fertilizer to 200 liters of water, - to
drench plants.

Recommendation facts: I t is safe to use and is effective; it
contains macro and micronutrients

Dear Forum Farmer Friends, We have PANCHAGAVYA, a traditional, great organic fveralertliser, which is getting tested by TNAU, from several years and for several times, and found that on usage, guava gets higher TSS and more keeping quality.

Research is done/doing , by UAS,bengaluru and gkvk, bengaluru, and they stated that jeevamrutha is giving very much good results to all crops including guava.

More over their preparation is very cheap.

For the above, now ,Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Technical mission of the republic of china (Taiwan ), a mannual, first edition  read  , says about an organic liquid fertiliser, which is very costly, and very difficult for farmers at that cost.

I request our forum farmer friends,to go to the above said site and view, and decide whether our Panchagavya and jeevamrutha are good or above said organic liquid fertiliser,which is stated by taiwan/china, vide their mannual, which can be seen in the above said site.

g.p.rao, farmer

Dear Forum Farmer  Friends, During 2006-2008, I have grown Red lady papaya, in vaddanalli village of sasulu hobli,Doddaballapur Taluk, Benguluru Rural Dist, of karnataka, in 7.5 acres. After the plants started flowering, it is found that 18 plants were affected with viruses.

I started applying panchagavya once in a month, jeevamrutha once in 10 days and started spraying cow urine @ 1 :10 dilution, along with neem oil (with 10,000 ppm,azhadirictin , content ) @ 1 ml per ltr water.

It is a fact that those 18 plants were with viruses only, gave good fruits, and viruses did not spread. It is only my observation and experience.

Farmer friends are advised to consider, my experiance, if you feel, in your crops.

g.p.rao, farmer

Ramu sir,
can you please give us the good EM that is available in the market, confused with different brands( when searched in net some say EM by SCD Probiotics is good) and also what is wheat Mildding?

Hello Ramu Sir,

Please also tell us alternative for Molasis, or where do we get molasses.


you can get molasses from nearby sugar factory or local jaggery crushers .

The taiwan embassy link is not working . Does anyone have the pdf file ? I wish to have a look at it .