Pregrown Mango Sapling

Hello fellow members - I need some expert advice on planting 3 to 4 year old pregrown mango/jamun trees for my farm. These saplings are about 6 feet tall and are in a bag weighing about 45 kg. The nursery folks claim it will bear fruit within a year or two. I saw a few fruits on some of these saplings.

Is it fine to buy such saplings? How would the roots grow in the soil after having been in a contained space for nearly 3 to 4 years where they might be going round and round the bag? What is the survival rate of such saplings?


Just wanted to know where you procured grown plants? Bangalore!!


I have not procured them . I am in the enquiry mode truing to understand the pros and cons, the availability , cost etc.

Any inputs on above would be appreciated.