Prefab farm house (Portacabins)

I have a 2 acre land near Shankarpally, which is about 60 km away from my house.  I do not have a place to take rest or store my farming tools.  I was contemplating to get any used ‘portable house’ (portacabins) till I make a final decision on my farm house.  If anyone is interested to sell their portable house, please contact me at 9849983969. 

If you have any better idea, please suggest.


T Shanmughan

It is better for going with constructing with local materials available in you land to save cost and have sustain structure.
Even for store room also it is advisable. Free fab materials will cost you more comparing to local materials.


Any idea who makes these.

Recently I read in a news paper a guy building a house from “containers”.

The metro train guys in bangalore for their staff and office has a nice such portable house built from such containers. Totally mobile with windows doors, inside wall with neat finish and an AC.



please see the following link, this is a natural farm and the owner has built cottages using local materials … residents/

Iam going to construct such container with 4 wheels which can accommodate for 2-4 people if required.
Also thinking why can’t attach it to jeep if wanted to transport from one place to another. It may take some time to start.

I have no idea about portable/prefabricated houses. I do have a few of thoughts though ;D

From a cost perspective, it would be cheaper to build a permanent structure using local materials. The added benefit is one of aesthetics.

Plan and build this structure in a location that will not interfere with the main farm house that will come up in the future. It could be used in the future as a cottage for guests, store/work room etc. or be converted into quarters for farm workers.

Prefab structures are pretty expensive.They start at around 5 lakhs.I had made a few enquiries and gave it up as a feasible alternative.

hi Shanmugan,
Try this link…
may be you will find one

Thank you Brijesh and AKHEEQ for sharing the link, which was very informative.


T Shanmughan

Hi All,

I was also looking for some prebuilt house instead of going through the harakiri of building one myself in my farm. I contacted a few in Coimbatore, Mumbai etc and finally found one guy who does these prefabricated houses in Hyderabad
He say he would charge around Rs.225/- per feet and the flooring and foundation should be done by us. He would come to the site and erect the structure.

I am looking for any used one which would cost much less as we will not be moving it once placed in the farm, any leads in this regard are appreciated.


Thank you Srinivas for the input.  This company seems to be into rolling shutter business.  I will contact and get more details.

In the meantime, I got a lead in Hyderabad for an empty marine container of 20’Lx8’Wx8.5’H. He quoted Rs.1.1 lakh. We need to spend again on transportation and crane for unloading and installation.  For further fabrication work you need electricity at site and further money for modification in case you need to use it for living. Just for a store room you can use it as it is. 

I also got a quote from a party in Hyderabad for making a house using Aerocon panels manufactured by Hyderabad Industries.  Without foundation, the structure cost works out to approx Rs.600 per sft.

I came across Geodesic domes (PABAL domes) manufactured at Pune.  This party supplies kit for different diametres of domes starting from 4 metre to 8 metres.  You can get details  Their quote for dome works out to approx Rs.300 per sft.  I am exploring further on this. Need to see one dome before I take a decision. 


T Shanmughan

I got some lead in Chennai who sell second hand containers and used camp houses. They will also do some alterations as per ones needs. The details are: Goodwill Traders, Mr.Suresh 9840306958/9841078691. Someone around Chennai can check with them and post some details on this forum.


Thank you Srinivas for giving this lead.

Do you know any one in AP who has made the geodesic domes. I know most them are in Maharashtra.


T Shanmughan

After Shanmugan’s post above about Pabal Domes, I spent some time researching these domes. I spoke with Mr. Raju Bawadhankar who is associated with Vigyan Ashram and he sent me the pics below:

Here’s the pricing given over the phone:

For a 6m diameter kit with a carpet area of 280 square feet, the cost is 35-45000. You will have to get the installation/building done on your own.

Or, you could have Mr. Bawadhankar visit your site (anywhere in the country) and he/his team will execute the work for a total cost of about Rs. 1,50,000/-, for the 6m kit.

Information on living in domes is scarce, but here is what I’ve gathered:

  1. Sound acoustics can be a problem with a lack of privacy within.
  2. Vastu concerns exist, from what I understand, domes/pyramids are preferred for Puja rooms and the energy within a dome may overwhelm a normal person. (critique welcome!)
  3. Getting used to the round shape! The curved wall from the inside in the 3rd pic is giving my brain a twist!

Dear Ramesh,

Your input was very helpful.  However, I do not have any such concern on dome shape, as I was exposed to such building earlier. I was with CMC, Gachibowli. This building was mainly on this style.  However, when you go inside this building you do not feel about it, as good partition and false ceiling is there. 

The pictures you sent me looks to be just Pabal dome without additional wall.  I am told we can have additional walls to whatever height you need and dome will be fixed on it.  Please find attached a rough sketch made by me with inside partitions and connecting corridor. 

I am yet to see a Pabal dome.  I was wondering whether I can see one near Hyderabad!

I also saw that you are into cutting laterite stones.  I am need for some laterite stones.  If you know the source, it would be helpful.


T Shanmughan

Looks like there is a mixup between rameshlr and airfoil.

Thank you Chandra to bring out the mixup!

Dear Airfoil,

Request your reply on laterite stone availability - size, cost, address and contact details. 

Thanks and regards,

T Shanmughan

Dear Shanmugan,

It is RameshLR who has the laterite stone on his land, not me  ;D

Please consider Geodesic Domes –

Dear Mahadomes,

Can you please let me know the approximate sft rate for a dome of 6 metre dia, 12 feet height ?  I am looking for strong cement/steel/sand construction for my stay. 

I am sure you have seen my attached sketch in my previous mail.


T  Shanmughan