Does any one have knowledge on precision-farming.
How it works and how much is it usefull for farmer.?
What will be the cost for implementing this for 1 acre?
Can we get any training on this?
Could some one please provide your inputs on this. thanks

Dear Sri Newfarmer,

The Precision Farming system is introduced, for vegetables crops, during 2005-2006, by Tamilnadu Agriculture University,Periyakulam, Tamilnadu, first in Dharmapuri District, jointly with the Israel Horticulture dept. Initially they trained the vegetable farmers of Dharmapuri district , in their lands ,and also they have conducted training programmes for needy farmers at the university campus.

Most of us are following precision farming.If you want to contact the authorities of precision farming,  you may contact professors of TNAU, (vegetable section), Periyakulam and on request they may help.

This system is very useful to farmers and high yields can be attained.

A sum of rs 1 lakh may be required per acre.

Up to my knowledge, there are no training classes , at present on precision farming.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer