Poultry ( Layer/ Broiler ) farm worker available from West Bengal

Poultry Farm ( Broiler / Layer ) experienced / Fresher worker available from West Bengal .
Interested farm owners contact with contact no

Hi ,i need worker for dairy farm . Can i get your contact number please . Will talk about it . Call me +91 95151 65665

Sorry sir , we are providing worker for poultry only . Not dairy . We will check if anyone is interested in dairy farm work , we will let you know .

Okay thank you . Let me know any one is intrested . Will take care of them good and provide nice facilites

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I am in West Bengal and need workers for my farm. Please share your contact details or call/whatsapp me 959–131—4477

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I’m from Hyderabad. Need workers preferably a couple for looking after our farm. Not for poultry.

Do you also provide Agriculture farm labour couple for working in Mango orchard.if yes pls cl me on 9030780047.

sorry , Couples are not available … Only male .

I’m surprised ! there are so many jobless bengali migrant workers available in every villages , how come you are unable to source them ? Anyway , which location ? What kind of farm activities ( agriculture or livestock ) you are into ?

I am from Maharashtra, Sangli District. I need 5 person to work in poultry farm. Poultry is EC and the labour work is less.
My number is 9765111878

Wanted 5 person for broiler poultry farm
Call or what’s up 9765111878

sir, location pl . it’s year round or seasonal ?

Am from Kenya in africa can I get a job

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@maitys, I need the workers for poultry farm. Location is Purulia. Unfortunately, workers with good experience are hard to come by and there are less farms here, most of which are self owned and self worked.

Hi maitys, how much salary they take for working in poultry farm, i am from mumbai and farm nearby.

Mostly these workers are self owners of 1000-1500 bird capasity contractual integration brolier farm owners of IB, Suguna, Shalimar etc. earns 10-15K K from 42-45 days batch . Sometime their any of their family member takes an outstation job for extra income . Salary part and skill are evaluated during telephonic interview ,What is your capacity ?

Do you want a job then reply to this gvpalamaner@gmail.com

Sir give me salary details

Please share detail 9008883646 WA

What You looking type of job WhatsApp No. +919177765768