Potato Farming - View needed from Fellow Farmers

Fellow Farmers,
Any suggestions on Potato Farming and the steps involved ie: Land prepration/ FYM requirement/ Supliments/ Pest control/ different varieties available in the market and which variety is best suited for cultivation. Fertigation needs/ Water needed per plant/ soil PH ( we have neutral soil in our farm) and most importantly feed back and experiences of fellow farmers.

Folks, Here is what i have gathered till now -

Variety suitable for Karnataka
Kufri Jawahar/ Kufri Jyoti/ Kufri Sindhuri
More details can be found here -http://agropedia.iitk.ac.in/content/potato-variety-area-its-characteristics

Writeup on Growing Potato can be found here - http://www.krishisewa.com/articles/production-technology/316-potato-production.html

Any further information which can be shared on growing Potatoes can be added to this thread.

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