Post hole digger

Hello All,

I am looking for post hole digger for my guava plants .Is it good for digging holes for guava . can anyone help me with good quality post hole digger who have used previously .

Dear Sri Narendra,

There are 2 possibilities. First and best is to purchase hole diggers, of sizes 8 inch to 14 inch x 2 ft depth , cost will be in range of rs 22,000/- to rs 65,000, depends on make and size.

Second option is contacting electrical poles/posts digging contractors, who are available in almost in each and every taluk/district/hobli centers. On rate per pit and/or on hourly/day wise, they are available. Dia will be between 14 inch to 24 inch.

Work will be finished fast and economical in comparing with manual digging.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Hi, Mr.Narendra:

The advise given by Sri Raoji is very valid and good.

However, I have brought a hand held posthole digger, brand: “Groath” which is run by a 42 cc petroil engine. It can dig holes in 9-12" dia with upto 30" depth. One persons able to dig about 300 holes per day and it is consuming 2 Litres per 3 hours. The cost is 18K at Hyderabad. If you have more than 1000 holes to be dug (upto 30" depth.) I think that you would have recovered the cost.

Good luck and regards,
Kamesh Yalamarty.
Enthusiast, but yet to become a farmer!

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