Post harvest processing and Marketing of Micro millets

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I am going for cultivation of Micro millets Foxtail millet(Navane/Korra), Little millet(Same/Sama). I live in Bengaluru & my land is 80KM away from city. My area in Bengaluru has many large apartment complex(each having around 200 homes). Idea is to sell 500gms packs of processed micro millets directly in apartment society. Also to add some handouts containing benefits & recipes of micro millets. Try to get standard orders in long term.

Can any one share post harvest processing needed for these?
Can it be done in rice mills Or to be done by manual labor. Does these need any polishing?
Alternate marketing avenues for micro millets (apart from direct selling in apartment society).

Also have idea to start Kia seed cultivation. Is there a ready market for these seeds? Please let me know. Thank you.

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Correction not Kia seeds. I meant Chia & Quinoa seeds.

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Please provide some inputs. Thanks.


It is good… Please workout Community Supported Agriculture method.