Poor Veterinary Services in india


Recently my Buffalo dies because of fever. Vet was not able to say excatly what was the problem…

This cow was is her 3rd lactation period and have given birth 2 two Female calf.

One thing is for sure there has never been any vaccination for our bufalo or her calf.

Technically I will be 1 year old and other will be 2 year old.

Please advise what all vaccination should we give to these 2 calf.


sorry for your loss
even i lost two lovely high yielding cows last week
and vet had no idea whats happening
we did everything we could do,spent fortune on their treatment ,but they died
they were vaccinated 4 days before death(one cow died on 15th and another on 18th) :frowning:

hello all
my personal experience and a sad truth
i had 6 cow small farm in Hassan,i was out of station for few days. Last week people from animal husbandry came and vaccinated our cows for FMD on 12th september 2015
caretaker said no sterile technique was followed.
one day later one of the cows(Gouri-she was like our family member) started showing signs of sickness(refused to eat,drink, and was lame)
as that cow was like our family member ,Vet was called immediately
he gave some medicines and said there is no problem cow will be allright in1-2 days
but cow health went bad, called him again , he gave many injections and again said no problem
cow still bad we called other vets(3 people)everyone gave different opinion.
when we asked for blood or any test they laughed at us in matter of 2 days we had 7 vet visits
lots of medicines were given not no imrovement
on 16th cow had lot of bleeding spots vets said they dont have any idea whats happening
we lost our beloved cow (Gouri) on 15th evening
Same day one more cow(Krishne) fell sick again we called in lot of vets this time they were quite sure nothing problem with cow and adviced us to be relaxed,lot of treatment lot of medicines and we lost that cow too on 18th. Krishne was giving 11ltrs/time(20-22ltrs/day and was 12th day post calving milk was increasing day by day) she was just 22 months old ,no teeth and very huge cow- Largest cow in that region, we lost for some unknown disease/incompetent doctors

Very sad. :frowning:

Did you look at the possibility of a bad vaccine…? Vaccines are neutralized pathogens/extracts and sometimes are known to go wrong and cause the disease themselves.

At least you end up saving someone else’s cows if that is the problem.

It is always very sad when you lose your cows, especially for you since you are just starting.
One or two observations

  1. If cow is not eating or drinking and is lame, my experience says it is ephemeral fever, another symptom is the viens under tongue become blueish.
    In kannada its called (elle bandide).
    We rub magnesium sulphate under the tongue every 4 hrs till it reduces. The biggest risk here for the cow is dehydration. Did the vets give glucose, and if they did, was it administered properly in the vein?

Secondly, I am not aware of vaccines causing such symptoms. Especially FMD vaccine if gone wrong, would cause FMD as chandra pointed out which has totally different symptoms.

I agree all point to bad vet services, sadly these experiences will help you to select proper doctors to use next time.
By my experience, I should warn you to be prepared as the future will have these cases anyhow as you are dealing with livestock.

Keep the faith and keep moving, dont let this deter your venture. This is just a speed hump.

Good luck.

I can understand the pain when you loose animals you love.
Here is a contact of a vet, he written many articles on herbal medicine and how he solved mysterious bovine diseases using Homeopathy. He also has few products register under his name like medicine for mastitis, increase milk yield etc. Check with him may be it is not too late for you to save other animals.
Dr Manohar Upadhya P
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dear sri

Kindly mention Books names…

He is a regular writer for Kannada Agriculture magazine, Adike Patrike.


Very sad stories.

Any suggestions on Early vaccination.

Do we have any dairy farmer who has a Vet.


Reduce the worm load in animals enabling vaccines to give your animals immunity. Give ten to 15 days gap after [color=red]deworming[/color] for vaccination.  Preferably buy vaccines directly from manufacturer who knows the importance of cold chain. A break in cold chain makes the vaccine ineffective.  You can also buy vaccines from Distributors or reputed Veterinary Medicine Sellers. Carefully read the effectiveness of the vaccine (time period )and re-vaccination time recommended. Follow those strictly. [color=blue]I don’t agree that the veterinary service is bad in India as it has large number of cows, world no.1 in buffaloes & pets like dogs, birds & poultry[/color]. For Poultry too vaccines play a key role in the prevention of diseases. [color=red][i][b]Ensure that the vaccine does not suffer a break in cold chain until it is administered.

Select Senior doctor’s who have experience in visiting farms.

Murali Krishnan